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One year certificate course:

Majority of our students, above 11 years old, enroll in this course as it teaches the fundamentals of drumming. Unlike other schools, we focus on building a strong foundation in the early learning stage. We customize our lessons according to our students’ needs so that learning would be beneficial for both the educator and student.

Our Beginner Course is designed to educate drummers who are exploring the instrument and have an interest in finding out more about this craft. The primary focus of this course is to provide an introduction to drumming, to develop the student’s understanding of essential drumming concepts, and to build a strong foundation in reading drum notations.

At the end of the course, our students will receive an evaluation from our drum educator on his/her progress and development. We strive to bring the best in our students with fun and practicality, enabling a more enjoyable academic learning experience.



One year advanced certificate course:

This Course focuses on helping students develop drum independence, syncopation, improvisation, speed, rhythmic applications, and other rudimental techniques for performing in a band, showcasing a drum solo, or even composing drum rhythms & grooves. Students will listen, recognize, transcribe and practice different song styles and rhythms.

Successful completion of the Beginner Course entitles students to enroll in our Intermediate classes. New students with drumming basics are welcome to enroll upon passing an assessment. We generally try to group intermediate students together at this stage of our program. Group sessions become much more enjoyable when like-minded people gather with the same passion and interest.

Using contemporary songs and minus one tracks, students will improve and sharpen their drumming skills by applying the techniques and concepts from the Beginner Course syllabus. The primary focus of this course is to allow the student to feel comfortable drumming to any music genre or style.



Two years Diploma:

Serious drumming requires discipline. Advanced drumming involves thinking out-of-the-box and being able to excel in sticking, grooves, rhythm patterns, independence, drum fills, and every other drum rudiment.

The Advanced Course is very comprehensive and students would require a deeper understanding of drum theory, techniques, rudiments, and foundation. This course is designed to maximize our student’s potential, disciplining them towards becoming a professional.

We recommend this course for drummers who have a good foundation in drumming and want to be challenged. All modules are an in-depth study of stylist playing and authenticity, musicianship, rhythm and groove, advanced techniques and creativity.

Successful completion of the Intermediate Course entitles students to enroll for our Advanced classes. New students with drumming fundamentals are welcome to enroll upon passing an assessment.

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