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Eminent percussion Situated in the heart of the Chennai city capital of Tamilnadu, eminent percussion founded in the year 1999 by Shatish babu, eminent percussion has a proud and rich history. It was the first purpose-built drums and percussion school facility in Chennai, and for nearly 19 years the School has also played a leading role in the cultural life of our region.                                                                                                    

Today, the School delivers a model of drum education which supports the vocational and professional needs in the best way of drums students grounded in a vision of public service. It engages positively with the fact that globalization and the rise of the digital age are having a profound impact on drums and percussion culture in India while reaffirming the profound human truth that the most immediate and powerful way we experience drumming remains through the act of performance. At its heart, the idea of musical excellence that is ethically informed, generous of spirit, intellectually rigorous, outward-looking, responsible, accountable, and receptive to new ideas.

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