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 When he was 13 pulled out a pair of unblemished drums sticks for the first time, from a gift-wrapped box, little did it cross his mind that six years down the line, he would embark on setting up his own drum school, for when Shatish started trying out his drumming capacities, neither did he have a trainer or did he know where to get one. he trenched up his way himself.

Lingering the fire within him, that had led once 19years old to set up his own drums school, even if meant, bidding adieu to the doorposts of college. "This is all what I ever wanted to do. play the drums, teach drums and to live a life that keeps me on my toes" (says Shatish) it was with just two students that he began Eminent drums school, but in time what started with apprehension seemed to gain popularity.

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