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What is Drum Circle ?

What is Drum Circle?


Drum Circle? What does that mean?
We provide various kinds of rhythm activity and many are based around the drum circle. So, what is a drum circle? Drum circle, drumming circle, drumming workshop, percussion group whatever you call it, a drum circle is literally a circle of from just a few up to hundreds of people playing mainly hand drums and percussion instruments. They can be absolute beginners or experienced drummers and are led where necessary by the facilitator to have fun creating improvised rhythms.

What if I don't have any rhythm?
People can take part in our rhythm sessions at any level because drumming is fun and easy!

Even the most reluctant can see clearly what to do and they soon feel they are making a valuable contribution as they hear the group drum song develop. It only takes a few minutes for a beginner drummer from first touching a drum to be joining in and fully immersed in the excitement of connecting with others and creating music together. Everyone’s heart has been beating since before they were born – so we all have rhythm built in and just waiting to be expressed.


Some Benefits of 

Team Drumming:

  • A Boost in Energy

  • Releases Stored Tension

  • Builds Community and Motivates your Team

  • Transcends Unhealthy Competition

  • Reduces Patterns of Anxiety & Depression

  • Improves Social Interaction

  • Explores Positive Leadership

  • Teaches the Power of Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Unveils our Natural Wellbeing and Joy

  • Increases Confidence

  • Promotes Creative Expression

  • Creates a Safe Space to Explore Team Building & Group Harmony

  • Develops Healthy & Happy Attitudes

  • Helps make life FUN! 


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